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Paul Norwood, MD starts Blog with health information for the entire family

Paul Norwood, MD starts Blog with health information for the entire family

Experienced doctor’s blog will address common medical issues that every family encounters such as how to maintain a healthy weight and what to watch for in case of hypertension

Doctor Paul Norwood, specializing in Endocrinology, started a Blog to provide day-to-day health information to families in an easily understandable form, available at

In his Blog, Dr. Norwood will provide valuable information about a healthy lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, and how to support at home any medical condition for which your doctor is treating you.

Dr. Norwood explains that “in today’s doctor’s offices, nurses, staff and medical doctors are rushed and rarely have the time to answer all questions that the patients have. When patients research online, such as on the website of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), they find highly scientific information that is very hard to understand for a normal person. I thought I can fill the gap with easy-to-understand blog articles.”

For example, the first blog article discusses hypertension, provides background information, and gives suggestions what you can do at home in addition to the medical treatment your doctor has prescribed:

Even though blood pressure is taken care of through the proper diet before it gets worse, there are many treatments options for it. The basic things that a person can do to avoid hypertension are by changing their lifestyle and begin to exercise regularly. It is highly recommended that the patients should work out for at least 30 minutes a day which should include jogging, cycling, walking, aerobic exercise, etc. Another thing that the patients need to take care of is the management of unavoidable stress. Also, consuming alcohol or smoking would add to the stress and not reduce it. Hence, all unhealthy habits should be avoided.

Dr. Norwood is preparing other articles, including topics such as:

Controlling Stress
Your Flu Shot, and
Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Dr. Norwood adds that “it is really easy for me to find additional topics to write about – patients are asking me every day. Also, as the seasons change, patient questions differ. In the Spring, I may get more questions about pollen and allergies, and in the cold season, questions often refer to flu shots and catching a cold.”

Dr. Norwood’s blog is available at available at

About Dr. Paul Norwood

Paul Norwood, MD, leads the team at Valley Endocrine in Fresno, California. Valued by his community for his caring and kind personality as well as his skills as a physician, Dr. Paul Norwood is also respected nationwide for his expertise as an endocrinologist.


*** Dr. Paul Norwood, Fresno, California, specializing in endocrinology.

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